40 years TESOL Greece

Stefania Kordia & Nicos Sifakis

Day: Sunday Time: 16:45-17:30 Room: SOLON(10th Floor)

ENRICHing EFL Multilingual Classrooms: What do the learners really want?

Stefania Kordia
Nicos Sifakis
In this presentation, we discuss the needs and wants of EFL learners in multilingual classrooms in Greece, as identified through a study undertaken within the “ENRICH” EU-funded Project. Emphasis is placed on how typical teaching practices may be transformed to reflect the learners’ demands in today’s increasingly multilingual world.
Keywords: Multilingual classrooms, English as a lingua franca,ENRICH Project.

Stefania Kordia is a state school English language teacher and a PhD candidate in the Hellenic Open University.

Dr. Nicos C. Sifakis, Assoc. Professor, is the Director of “The Teaching of English as a Foreign/International Language” Postgraduate Programme of the Hellenic Open University.
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