40 years TESOL Greece

Amanda McLoughlin

Day: Saturday Time: 14:15-15:00 Room: NIKI (Mezzanine)

Promoting Critical Thinking in the EFL Classroom

Amanda McLoughlin

In this workshop we’ll be looking at a range of generic activities suitable for all ages and levels. The activities are simple, low-prep and fun and they all help promote critical thinking in the learners. Audience participation is required!

Keywords: Young Learners, Teenagers, Critical Thinking, Hands-on, Creative

AmandaMcLoughlin is a freelance teacher trainer and materials writer based near Bilbao, Spain. She is a board member of TESOL-SPAIN.

Amanda McLoughlin Interview

Who is Amanda McLoughlin? What is the single characteristic that you want most people to know about you?

I’m passionate about teaching!

How is your presentation connected to the umbrella topic of the conference of “The 5 Ts of TESOL: Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, Trust”?

The talk is liked to transform as I believe teaching critical thinking in the classroom helps learners to transform into lifelong learners and autonomous thinkers.

Which is your favorite T? Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, or Trust, and why?

Transform, because it reminds me of the unique role a teacher plays in the lives of their students.

What does TESOL Greece mean to you?

Being able to come along to TESOL Greece for me is a wonderful opportunity. As a board member of TESOL-SPAIN, I’m looking forward to getting to know our sister organisation in Greece!

What are your expectations from the 40th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention?

To meet old friends again and to make many new friends.

If you could send a wish to TESOL Greece, which becomes 40 this year, what would it be?

Well, I’d say, here’s to 40 more! Happy birthday TESOL Greece!

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