40 years TESOL Greece

Tijana Nesic Ristic

Day: Saturday Time: 12:15-13:00 Room: NIKI (Mezzanine)

World Music Around Us

Tijana Nesic Ristic

Can you imagine life without music? Of course, not. It makes us exhilarated, it heals us, its rhythm can pace our work. Using some ELT methods, while listening to various audio clips, participants of different age/language level can learn about the cultural significance of music. At the end, join in the quiz!

Keywords: All levels, VYL, YL; Primary School, Secondary School, Young Adults, Music, Cultural Heritage

Tijana Nesic Ristic, curious, passionate teacher/ teacher trainer, puts emphasis on cross-curricular content, applicable to different learning styles of various age groups/levels.

Speaker's Name Interview

Who is Tijana Nesic Ristic? What is the single characteristic that you want most people to know about you?

Passionate about new things, I like exploring and discovering things, which means that in terms of teaching, I constantly try to establish connection between the language and other disciplines. I do believe that the more students try to express things relevant to them through a foreign language, the stronger their motivation for learning it will be.

How is your presentation connected to the umbrella topic of the conference of “The 5 Ts of TESOL: Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, Trust”?

I’d dare to say that there is a little bit of each of the 5Ts. As a teacher trainer, I’ll do some teaching and training by combining some interesting facts about music wrapped up in an ELT package, which, hopefully, will create positive atmosphere. Thus, transforming the content of the teaching material, I hope to succeed in transcending some barriers we encounter in our everyday work…and you have to trust me!

Which is your favorite T? Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, or Trust, and why?

Teach…because it is so rewarding when you see your students have mastered something partially thanks to you. And trust…because in our work we touch the lives of so many people and we need to build trust in order to make that relation fruitful.

What does TESOL Greece mean to you?

A fantastic, inspiring convention gathering seasoned teachers and educators, who are willing to share their experience, and create warm and friendly atmosphere.

What are your expectations from the 40th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention?

To learn more, and meet again people so dear to me.

If you could send a wish to TESOL Greece, which becomes 40 this year, what would it be?

I wish TESOL Greece to continue to thrive for, at least, another 40 years!

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