40 years TESOL Greece

Panagiota Frytzala

Day: Sunday Time: 12:15-13:00 Room: OMIROS (10th Floor)

Making Classroom Materials More Effective: Can Neurolinguistics Help?

Panagiota Frytzala

Neurolinguistics connects how the brain learns with the current learning processes and methodologies as L2 learning is directly linked to actual changes in the brain. With that in mind, this presentation will attempt to combine neurolinguistics with materials development so as to maximize their effectiveness for the learners.

Keywords: Materials Development, Neurolinguistics, Neurocognition, Declarative/Procedural Memory, Explicit and Implicit L2 Teaching

Panagiota Frytzala is the Head of the English Language and ELT Department at New York College and an ESP/EAP teacher.

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