40 years TESOL Greece

Katerina Davari

Day: Saturday Time: 11:15-12:00 Room: SOCRATES (10th Floor)

Inclusive Instruction in EFL: Incorporating Prioritized Curriculum in Differentiated Instruction

Katerina Davari

Differentiated instruction has been a challenge for educators. How can educators restructure the traditional classroom and incorporate a curriculum that will accommodate different learning styles? This workshop aims to show how the incorporation of the Prioritized Curriculum can help learners to adopt a positive attitude towards learning and achieve academically.

Keywords: differentiating instruction, inclusive instruction, curriculum, students with disabilities, learning difficulties


Katerina Davari holds two Bachelor degrees in English and French language and literature. Her scientific interests lie in inclusive education.

Katerina Davari's Interview

Who is Katerina Davari? What is the single characteristic that you want most people to know about you?

I would say that I am a dreamer and believer. I dream of a better world and I believe in people who do so.

How is your presentation connected to the umbrella topic of the conference of “The 5 Ts of TESOL: Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, Trust”?

My presentation embraces all 5 Ts since if we want to adopt differentiated instruction, we should be trained to do so, we should transform the traditional teaching practices into innovative ones. In doing so, we transcend the barriers of passive instruction and building on our students’ trust, we attain the goal of an enriched learning experience.

Which is your favorite T? Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, or Trust, and why?

“Transform” is the key-word when it comes to teaching. Educators should be flexible and adjust to their students’ needs and profiles. In a sense, transformation occurs both for teachers and learners in the learning process.

What does TESOL Greece mean to you?

TESOL is the organization that gave me the chance to present for the first time in front of an audience. It means a lot to me since the events organized by TESOL Greece are up to date and are related to current issues in EFL.

What are your expectations from the 40th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention?

This convention will give me the chance to broaden my horizons by learning new things from people who have contributed in EFL teaching innovation.

If you could send a wish to TESOL Greece, which becomes 40 this year, what would it be?

I hope that TESOL Greece will continue its important contribution to EFL teaching and learning in the long future!

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