40 years TESOL Greece

Eman El Difrawy

Day: Sunday Time: 11:15-12:00 Room: SOLON (10th Floor)

Using Advertising in the ELT Classroom

Eman El Difrawy

Using advertisement in ELT classroom contributes to develop learners’ language awareness. Learners become motivated, because learning English stops being limited to the classroom but ‘escorts ‘learners in their daily life. We also teach “ideas” and content. Commercials are perfect for discussing issues and for helping students develop digital literacy skills.


Eman EL Difrawy. I have been teaching for 10 years. I am a holder of advanced TEFL certificate. Meanwhile, I work at Ahram Canadian university.

Eman El Difrawy Interview

Who is Eman El Difrawy? What is the single characteristic that you want most people to know about you?

I work hard to make students feel better about themselves, especially when they lack confidence .I don’t like to see them upset at all. Therefore, I am willing to do anything for them to increase their self-esteem and improve their language skills .I am very understanding and I never take anything personally. In addition, I believe that all students deserve a chance to be genuinely happy and should be taken care of.

How is your presentation connected to the umbrella topic of the conference of “The 5 Ts of TESOL: Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, Trust”?

My presentation is about how to use advertising in the ELT, how analyzing TV commercials is an excellent way to learn and practice critical thinking. How students interest is fostered when language is experienced in a lively way through television and video. Moreover, how students who receive media literacy education performed better in reading comprehension. Moreover, using television (TV) advertisements involving well-known brand names and products can motivate and engage English language learners in active discussion. To conclude, TV commercials are ideal for in-class activities and for analyzing cultural attitudes, beliefs, and enhances not only language skills but also participation, motivation and problem solving.

Which is your favorite T? Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, or Trust, and why?

All are my favorites as I believe that great teachers do it all. In order to be successful they extend far beyond that into the lives of their students, how to realize their full potential to become the best they can be. Teachers can inspire an uninterested student to become engrossed in learning. They can motivate them to participate and focus, and even bring introverted students out of their shells. For many teachers, one of their simplest goals is to inspire their students to love learning. But the inspirational power of a teacher can transcend the classroom. So often, we hear people say that they were inspired to pursue their careers because of their teachers. A great teacher can teach, train, transform and trust.

What does TESOL Greece mean to you?

It is the best place for educators to strengthen their practice and learn how to best teach students as well as exchange knowledge, ideas and new teaching techniques with the other teachers around the world. TESOL Greece helped me to become a better teacher. On a personal level, I would like to thank the amazing team for their efforts and support and for such outstanding convention which I am sure is planned in a professional manner.

What are your expectations from the 40th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention?

TESOL Greece has always met my expectations as this is my third year to attend the convention in a row. I except that members will do their part to ensure a successful education experience for everyone. They always shed light on new approaches and how to navigate through them which will help me to apply that learning to increase student achievement

If you could send a wish to TESOL Greece, which becomes 40 this year, what would it be?

I wish them the best of luck as their success is fulfilled by the support of all team members, because it takes a combined effort to meet the goal and reach the top. The whole team deserves warmth congratulations and billions of thanks.

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