40 years TESOL Greece

Eleni Louki & Anna-Fiona Monnas

Day: Saturday Time: 18:30-19:15 Room: OMIROS (10th Floor)

Coaching Skills for Educators

Eleni Louki
Anna-Fiona Monnas

Coaching is both a philosophy and a process aiming to support self-growth that can be perfectly aligned with educational purposes. In this workshop coaching essentials will be presented and participants will be involved in experiential activities that will improve their communication skills, promote self-reflection and enhance teaching competency.

Keywords: Coaching, Development, Self-growth, Learning, Change, Trust, Coaching Skills, Communication, Self Reflection, Feedback

Eleni Louki, BA, MEd. Mental health counselor – Life coach. Private practice. Athens

Anna-Fiona Monnas, BA, Med: Teacher, teacher trainer, oral examiner, items writer, DELTA Local Tutor. Currently working at British Council – Athens.

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