40 years TESOL Greece

Elena Kladi

Sunday Time: 17:45-18:30 Room: NIKI (Mezzanine)

What Should We Teach: English or Globish?

Elena Kladi

That is the question! In this interactive presentation we will exploit the issue of Global English as well as that of fluency and accuracy. We will also see how we can take advantage of real-life examples and use them in the English language classroom.

Keywords: Young Learners, Global English, Globish, Fluency, Accuracy

Elena Kladi, British Council Greece Teacher and Coordinator, BA in English Language and Literature, MA, MEd in TESOL, TYLEC, SEN

Elena Kladi's Interview

Who is Elena Kladi? What is the single characteristic that you want most people to know about you?


How is your presentation connected to the umbrella topic of the conference of “The 5 Ts of TESOL: Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, Trust”?

Listening is an important component of language teaching. We design more authentic listening inputs and tasks with the scope of helping the ELT T transcend the local (Greek) teaching context with the current multi-cultural one and in this way better cater for the EFL L’s listening skills.

Which is your favorite T? Teach, Train, Transform, Transcend, or Trust, and why?

Hard to tell, really as the one assumes and prepares the ground for the other; perhaps ‘trust’ is the key word since without it, all the rest may not take place.

What does TESOL Greece mean to you?

It’s enlighting and pioneering; it paves the way to new thoughts and ideas to emerge, with TRUST, and get materialised.

What are your expectations from the 40th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention?

More brainstorming, more novel ideas to be heard which can mark the dawn for new tendencies in ELT.

If you could send a wish to TESOL Greece, which becomes 40 this year, what would it be?

May you complete 100 years and more but never get old; always young with groundbreaking ideas!

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