40 years TESOL Greece

Athanasia Tsantila &
Dr Anastasia Georgountzou

Day: Sunday Time: 11:15-12:00 Room: SOCRATES (10th Floor)

Authenticity in the ELT Listening Activities: Classroom Practices and Perspectives

Athanasia Tsantila
Anastasia Georgountzou

The current role of English as an International language requires reconsideration of the hitherto teaching practices. In this presentation, modifications towards more authentic listening inputs and tasks in existing ELT courseware are made and practitioners‚ feedback on the implementation of these modifications is reported.

Keywords: Listening input and tasks, Authenticity, Teaching Practices.

Athanasia Tsantila teaches Linguistics at Deree-the American College of Greece and has been involved in EFL syllabus design, ELF and ELT pedagogy.

Dr. Anastasia Georgountzou teaches at the Athens Kapodistrian University, English Department and in the M.Ed. in TESOL at the Hellenic Open University.

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