TESOL Greece Journal #159

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Dear TESOL Greece members,

With a short delay, due to unforeseen circumstances but with a “fresh start” and eagerness for creation and contribution, we are bringing to your hands #issue 159 of the TESOL GREECE Journal.

In this issue you will read about your first class by studying Roula Mizeraki’s article on ‘How to prepare your first class: A concise Survival Guide’. This contribution offers valuable suggestions on the topic and can serve as not only a reminder of important aspects to consider while planning for the first days at
work. It can also be utilised beyond that initial period throughout the school and academic year as a checklist of matters to reconsider and assess in order to explore in more depth, modify, adapt or simply check that things are on the right track. Eleni Kartalia in her article analyses teacher’s perspectives of working with adult learners. The title of her
work is “A second Chance in life: A Teacher’s Perception of Adult learning’’. It analyses very interesting features of this learner group and can be extremely helpful for ELT professionals who work with them or are considering doing so, as it can give them fascinating insights for the whole process of teaching them.

The contribution by Gokce Gok entitled ‘Using KWL (Know, Wanted to know, Learnt) Charts as a Metacognitive Reading Strategy Tool to promote Self-regulated Learning & Self-Assessment in English Language Classrooms’ explains extensively the process and the benefits of using the specific tool in ELT. Its use can help improve reading and foster self-regulation and self-assessment, the latter aspects being on the focus of research and interest of our community. Last, but not least, you will read about increasing language speaking practice in the classroom in the article written by Fatma Duygu Kaya in which she presents the tool of ECRIF, which stands for Encounter, Clarify, Remember, Internalise, Fluently use. The article title is ‘ECRIF As a Mindset. More than a Lesson Plan’ and focuses on how a learner-centred approach can encourage them develop their language skills in the ELT classroom.

In this issue you can also read testimonials of participants of the TESOL Greece summer 2023 event on the beautiful island of Andros and find the Calendar of International ELT Events as well as the Calendar of the TESOL Greece Events for the Year 2023-2024.

The journal is distributed freely as a part of your TESOL Greece membership and is a vital way to keep up to date on trends, issues, projects, and helpful ideas from
colleagues near and far. Your ideas and experiences are also welcome! For more
information about sending an article, please see the article submission guidelines in the journal, or on our webpage, and send your ideas and articles for review to

On behalf of the TESOL Greece Board,
George Kokolas
TESOL Greece Journal Editor