TESOL Greece Journal #147

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Dear TESOL Greece Members,

The the latest issue #147 of the journal is here just in time for the new school year! 

The articles in this issue have just the stuff to help us all with the start to this new and unique school year. Inside its pages, you’ll find timely information on how to stay connected to your students in a distance learning setting and on the need to make sure that effective pedagogy is the basis of online as well as in-person teaching.

You’ll find out about the importance of reflection for both teachers and learners. You’ll read about the advantages of language learning on cognition and perspectives on teaching adult learners.

There’s also a new approach to classroom discipline that helps us to think beyond traditional methods and be more proactive in creating a smooth-running and effective learning environment.

The issue also has behind-the-scenes insights from what went into making the ‘Daring’… the Virus webinar series.

On behalf of the TESOL Greece Board, 

Susan Stetson-Tiligadas,

TESOL Greece Vice Chair & Journal Editor