TESOL Greece at HUPE DAY, 2022

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Watch Sarah and Claire present at HUPE DAY, 2022
Saturday June 4 at 10:50

Sarah Smith
Claire Steele

To better challenge our younger learners, and appeal to different abilities in the classroom, teachers must incorporate mastery and development tasks. ‘Tasks’ include everything you ask students to do for example, questions and answers, activities, or projects.

Mastery Tasks (Lower-Order Thinking Skills) are mastered by all learners in a short period of time regardless of prior learning. 

Developmental tasks (Higher-Order Thinking Skills) stretch learners and develop cognitive skills. Reformulating teacher questions also increases the level of challenge. Research shows that 60% of teachers’ questions involve remembering, 20% are procedural, and only 20% encourage thinking. Finally, encouraging learners to choose their level of challenge (rather than teachers dictating it) and reflect on their choice fosters a sense of ownership and progress.

HUPE DAY Programme

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