Join us at the TESOL International Affiliate Network Webinar!

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Join TESOL Greece at the TESOL International Affiliate Network Webinar on September 23rd, 2022!

Theodore Lalos is a TKT (Modules 1-3, KAL, CLIL, YL), CELTA, Diploma in Teacher Training, Diploma in TESOL holder, an Oral Examiner, a Conference Presenter and a Person-centred Counsellor. He has been shortlisted for an award with regards to his teaching approach entitled “The Luminescent Approach”. 

“Uhmmm, I Wonder…What shall I …?”

In this short presentation, participants will be exposed to a newly launched webtool that allows learners to join online and practice their oral skills (some note-taking and writing comments.skills are included). All-in-one: Self-initiated learning & communication, peer collaboration, decision-making and immersive engagement.