Join us at the 2nd Online Conference International TESOL Associations

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Join us at the 2nd Online Conference International TESOL Associations on November 26th, 2022!

George Kokolas has been working as the Academic Director and Teacher Trainer for Express Publishing for the last 22 years. He is a licensed and licensed  Positive Education Practitioner and he also holds a Level 5 Diploma in Positive Psychology. He is a certified LEVEL 5 TEFL teacher and a certified ADVANCED Neurolanguage Coach, practising Neurolanguage Coaching professionally. He holds a BA in English Literature.  Since 2017 he is the co-host and producer of the Teachers’ Coffee podcast. Since 2020 he is the Senior Editor of the Neurolanguage Collective Magazine. He has delivered over 1000 presentations at international conferences and counting…

“Tailoring the Brain-Friendly Lesson”

The vastness and perplexity of the human brain are characteristics that simply can not be doubted. For many years now, neuroscience has been trying to shed some light on the cognitive abilities and capacities of people, providing us with many insightful facts. Even though teachers are not neuroscientists or “brain experts”, having some tips, techniques or even theories in mind about the brain, can open new paths to learning or even unblock the flow of knowledge, when the whole class is stuck in the mud. The speaker will provide some tangible tips and techniques for optimum learning based on recent and older neuroscience findings.