Join us at the 29th Annual International Conference of TESOL MTH/NG

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Join us at the 29th Annual International Conference of TESOL MTH/NG on March 30th-31st

Panoraia Balali is an enthusiastic educator with an artistic background. She has been an EFL teacher for over twenty-five years. In the past six years, she has worked with various international educational institutions in the UK, including Brooke
House College, Bede’s, EF Languages, and Ardmore Language Schools, serving as a Senior Teacher and Director of Studies delivering ESL courses to students from diverse cultural backgrounds. She is also a mentor and supervisor to undergraduate
student teachers during their TEFL practicum, and systematically contributes articles to ELT magazines. She has studied Childhood and Youth Studies at the Open University, holds an MA in Applied Linguistics/TESOL from the Hellenic American University, CertTESOL from Trinity College London, and a TEFL Certificate from the British Council. She has a keen interest in Inclusive Practices in Education, Multimodal Literacies and Learning Technologies, Multilingualism and Translanguaging

Sunday 31st March, at 12:40

The Multimodal Advantage in ELT: Enhancing Communication Skills

This presentation explores how integrating images, sounds, videos, and text (multimodal literacy) into English Language Teaching (ELT) can transform learning. It goes beyond traditional methods  fostering deeper understanding, critical thinking, and engagement. By creating and analysing multimodal messages, students develop the skills to navigate the complexities of modern
communication and become effective 21 st – century communicators. Practical strategies and resources for educators will be provided.