Join our Young Learners & Drama-Literature Christmass SIG Event “Retelling Christmas”

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Young Learners & Drama-Literature Christmas SIG Event

"Retelling Christmas"

Saturday 26/11/2022 at 16:00

Important Note

Wearing a mask throughout the duration of the presentations is highly recommended as crowded indoor places facilitate the spread of Covid. We would like to ask you to be particularly considerate of those who are vulnerable and run a high risk of exhibiting severe symptoms from contracting Covid and wear your masks at all time.


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Sarah Soulou


“‘Christmassy’ Storytelling in Teaching Coming Alive.”

Ho! Ho! Ho!Santa is inviting you to come to this fun-filled workshop! His elves have worked hard to make this presentation useful and practical! I will share with you stories that promote learning, build skills and lift Christmas Spirits for young learners.

Sarah Soulou has been teaching young learners for over 20 years and she is an EFL teacher/ coordinator at Ellinogermaniki Agogi Primary School. She is highly interested in teaching through drama,literature, projects, technology, and crafts. She is always searching for new ideas and methods to make teaching more interesting which she shares through her blog.

Katerina Roumelioti is a qualified and CELTA and TYLEC graduate teacher with a passionate interest in the personal and social development of students. Through her work at the British Council, she is interested in the application of new technologies to education and committed toward providing a supportive environment to students of diverse backgrounds and learning styles.

Katerina Roumelioti


“More than Storytelling.”

Students enjoy stories from their early childhood and are able to understand complex stories in English well above their active command. In this session, Katerina will talk about how we can exploit stories to develop critical thinking skills and thereby explore diversity and inclusion. By the end of the session, participants will be better able to use storytelling as a powerful tool to bring different voices and perspectives to life in their classroom.

Sylvana Malouchou


“Readers with a Twist. Going Beyond the Restrictions of the EFL Classroom.”

Why and how should EFL Readers be embodied in language curriculum? Are they simply a means for educators to differentiate their teaching practices and add variety to their instruction or something more? The aim of this presentation is to exemplify, in a practical way, how through the adaptation of stories and the introduction of literary terms, students can engage in authentic, oral production , develop their critical thinking skills and contextualise language while interacting with a text.

Sylvana Malouhou holds a BA and MEd. She is a teacher of English and author and has taught in both EFL and ESL settings.

Interactive Christmas Storytelling & Karaoke Carols