Eleni Kampadaki – In Memoriam

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If I could use just one word to describe Eleni it would be her zest. Her zest for life in general, zest for her work and for those fortunate enough to have known her. TESOL Greece has lost a member of its family and although there are feelings of disbelief and profound sadness, I can’t help but recall the so many stories that can put a smile on our face. From taverna hopping to find a suitable venue for the convention speakers’ dinner to the announcement of the Kabatseli twins with Matina Katseli in Syros earlier in the summer of 2017. I consider myself lucky to have been her friend and to have had the opportunity to work with her on a number of occasions. What made Eleni so special was the fact that she was always there; and she was there unconditionally. Your TESOL Greece family will miss you terribly. 

Farewell my dear friend,

Georgios Chatzis

Eleni was the embodiment of light, vitality and genuine giving. A true professional for her students and colleagues and the dearest of friends to everyone regardless. We are all devastated with her passing and she will be forever missed.

Matina Katseli

A beautiful image of Eleni remains to be remembered — a tall, comely and welcome

presence with a glowing and generous smile, exuding health and vitality and embracing

those many near her. She will be greatly missed.

Suzanne Antonaros

In memory of her restless soul and ever shining smile, all of us in TESOL Greece will never forget her hard work and enthusiasm in everything we did together. I was honoured to have you, dear Eleni, in my year serving as a Chair, and will never have the chance to thank you enough for your endless support and honest smile along the way. May you rest in peace!

Valia Gkotsi

“Some things cannot be easily accepted, cannot be easily perceived and, as such, all of us are in a state of denial with regards to the passing of our beloved Eleni. What can anyone say about her in a few words? How can you talk about someone with such an exuberant personality and joyful character in a mere couple of lines? Eleni was (hard to use past tense) one of the most professional and dedicated people I have ever met in my life but what I will always remember most is her smile and intense laughter…She laughed with all her heart and lived her life to the fullest; whether as a teacher or as a friend, TESOL-Greece and I personally learnt a lot and felt so filled with joy and security around her. Since yesterday I keep reading our communication in Messenger with promises of seeing each other at the next TESOL-Greece event and though she may not be there in person, Eleni will live in our hearts and our minds for as long as each one of us who had the luck to meet her will leave. May she continue dancing among the angels, up there in the clouds…We will so much miss you girl!!”

Maria Makra

Though Eleni’s untimely passing has filled us all with sorrow beyond words, profound gratitude for every time we worked, traveled, danced and laughed together, does prevail at the end of the day. And though she will surely be greatly missed, there is no doubt the light that always surrounded her will keep shining in our hearts and memories. Farewell, our dearest Eleni. Till we meet again.

Marina Pantazi

“It’s so hard to talk about someone who is not “here” anymore when mind cannot accept it. It’s so hard to talk about her absence when I cannot believe this is true!  Yes, Eleni was a great teacher but most importantly a great person, full of joy, and understanding. Supportive and kind…I will always remember her smile…I think this is how she would like us all to remember her…”

 Vasiliki Lismani

There are no words to express how we feel after your loss. You were always there to guide and support us. A leader in education and in life, a role model to us and to your students. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for everything! We promise to follow your example and make you proud. Your light will always shine our paths❤️

Your goddaughters, the ‘Senetopoulou’ Twins.

Words don’t come easy. Larger than life, with a hearty temperament Elen, was – is- a free spirit that did not hesitate to speak out the truth of her heart. Strong, lively,warm and loving. A  dance move, a call to action,a pose for another photo. A dedicated member to TESOL Greece, she often said: ‘I want to offer back as I’ve taken so much from TESOL.’ And she meant it. For me, my FRIEND Eleni.

Georgia Kourti

Such a bright shining star, making our lives glow, making us grow. Our Eleni, will forever be our always.

Christina Chorianopoulou