Deadline Extended! Call for Participation: 44th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention

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Call for Participation

The 44th Annual TESOL Greece

Annual International Convention

"Reflective Practitioners, Empowered Learners"

11-12 March, 2023

Nayr Correia Ibrahimm

Jenny Liontou

Herbert Puchta

Russell Stannard

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to invite you to submit a proposal for the 44th Annual TESOL Greece International Convention on March 11-12, 2023 in Athens. We have every intention of holding a face-to-face Convention, which will be the first after the start of the COVID pandemic. Our theme for the convention is “Reflective Practitioners, Empowered Learners,” and we have a tremendous amount to reflect on following the upheaval since March 2020. What do we keep going forward? How has our view of the profession changed or evolved? How can our learners benefit from these changes that can empower them to succeed in their language learning journey?

In the convention, we’ll get insight into all of these questions, and four amazing plenary speakers will share their perspectives and expertise: Nayr Correia Ibrahim, Jenny Liontou, Herbert Puchta, and Russell Stannard.

As always, the focus of this important annual convention is to offer a weekend of high-quality professional development through presentations and workshops — both those related to the convention theme and those related to our ongoing needs as ELT professionals.

We would like to invite you to participate actively in the convention by giving a presentation, or a workshop. To submit a proposal, please fill in the call for participation form below by November 6th, 2022

Important information

  • Please note also that a professional presentation should not be used to advance a book, publisher, author, course or examination. TESOL Greece Members are particularly sensitive to the distinction between commercial and professional presentations.
  • The proposals go through a blind review process where they are evaluated for their:
    • relevance to the convention theme
    • relevance to ELT professionals in general or to specific practitioner needs (e.g. young learners, adult learners, use of technology, public school teachers, private school teachers, Higher Ed, etc.)
    • clarity, coherence, and cohesion of message
  • NB: Unlike many associations, TESOL Greece does not charge a separate convention fee. All presenters who are not currently members of TESOL Greece are required to become members to be able to present at the convention. This low, one-time fee of 50 euros includes access to all events for one calendar year and to the quarterly TESOL Greece Journal publication.

Types of proposals

Workshop (45 minutes)

  • A Practice-Oriented presentation, which shows rather than tells.
  • There is an expectation of audience participation.
  • The presenter helps participants solve a problem or develop a specific technique through a series of structured hands-on activities.

Talk (45 minutes)

  • A formal instructive talk given by (a) subject specialist(s).
  • Typically has a brief time for Q & A at the end

Please note: All presenters must refrain from changing the content of their session once it has been approved.

We look forward to your submissions!

The TESOL Greece Board of Directors, 2022 – 2023