Please follow the following instructions to access the online presentations.

Note: If you enter zoom via your browser, we recommend using Chrome. (see point 9)

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Member Login tab and login. (For your convenience, please always make sure you login first.)
    1. In case you have forgotten your password just click on forgot password, enter the email address you gave at the registration desk when you registered and the hit reset password. The website will send you a new one. Make sure you check your spam folder.
  3. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the homepage.
    1. You will see a black ribbon on the top of your browser with your email (see photo below)

       B.   In case the webpage tells you that you are logged in but you don’t see the ribbon or you are not allowed to see the members’ content then you probably have a bad cookie. In that case open an incognito window (Chrome) and repeat the process.

4.   Go to TESOL Greece Events

5.   Go to ‘Daring’… the Virus A TESOL Greece online event

6.   In the Event page, select the presentation you would like to watch and click on the green button (Watch… Presentation) which will take you to the zoom presentation.

7.   In the zoom page, you will see a countdown, information about the presentation and two options to enter zoom

8.   You can either enter via the App, if you have zoom already installed  (see photo above)

9.   Or you can join via your browser. (see photo above)

10.   Please enter your full name (only members displaying their full name will be admitted to the webinars)

11.   Click on Join with Computer Audio so that you can hear the presenter.

12.   Once in the room all participants will be muted and please keep your camera off at all times. (Attendees who fail to comply will be removed from the room)

13.   There will be a 1-minute introduction of the presenter by a member of the TESOL Greece Board, followed by a 20-minute presentation.

14.   If you have any questions there will be a 10-minute Q&A session after each presentation (unless otherwise stated in the description) where you will be able to type your questions in the Chat-box.

15.   If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties please email

TESOL Greece