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Two-day Conference ETAL, TESOL Greece, TESOL Macedonia – Thrace Northern Greece

22 October, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 23 October, 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Join ETAL, TESOL Greece & TESOL Macedonia - Thrace - Northern Greece in a two - day conference in Larissa, October, 22-23, 2022

Innovation and Sustainability

Attendance is free for TESOL Greece, ETAL & TESOL Macedonia Thrace - Northern Greece Members.

Online Registration deadline has passed.

TESOL Greece Members who wish to attend - renew their membership can register on-site.

Important Note

Wearing a mask throughout the duration of the presentations is highly recommended as crowded indoor places facilitate the spread of Covid. We would like to ask you to be particularly considerate of those who are vulnerable and run a high risk of exhibiting severe symptoms from contracting Covid and wear your masks at all time.


A welcome message from the Presidents of ETAL & TESOL Macedonia - Thrace, Northern Greece and the Chair of TESOL Greece

Marina Kollatou

Dear colleagues and friends,
On behalf of the ETAL Board, I am very happy to welcome you to the two-day conference titled “Innovation and Sustainability” to be held in Larissa on 22-23 October 2022. This conference establishes our Association’s cooperation with TESOL Greece and TESOL Macedonia-Thrace that started back in 2020. It aims to bring together teachers of English from all over Greece and give them the chance to present and discuss their innovative ideas  for a sustainable English Language education. I would like to thank our distinguished speakers for accepting our invitation, our sponsors for their support, and the chairs of TESOL Greece and TESOL Macedonia-Thrace Georgios Chatzis and Maria -Araxi Sachpazian for our fruitful collaboration. We all look forward to a very interesting conference on October 22-23 and can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful city.
Marina Kollatou
ETAL Chair

Georgios Chatzis

For TESOL Greece this is not only the return to out-of-town events, but it also marks a new beginning of collaboration between 3 great teacher associations. Join us in Larissa as an attendee, or by filling in the speaker call for participation for a two-day conference with distinguished plenary speakers and a chance to see old friends and colleagues and also make new ones.

Maria - Araxi Sachpazian

It is with great pleasure that the Executive Board of TESOL Macedonia-Thrace, Northern
Greece welcomes all of you to this conference in the city of Larisa. After a long period of absence from face to face event, it means a lot that we are able to see distinguished professionals presenting on the topic of innovation and sustainability.

Conference Programme

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Park Hotel

Address: 1st 31is Avgoustou St., Larissa

> Single Room: 70€ (breakfast included), 65€ (without breakfast)

> Double Room: 82€ (breakfast included), 72€ (without breakfast)

*Accommodation tax: 3€/night*

Tel: + 30 2410 25 70 71- 3

Email: reception@parkhotellarisa.gr

Dionissos Hotel

Address: L.Katsoni 24 & 23 October corner, Larissa

> Single Room: 61,5€ (breakfast included), 56,5€ (without breakfast)

> Double Room: 71,5€ (breakfast included), 61,5€ (without breakfast)

Tel: +30 2410230101

Email: info@dionissoshotel.gr

*Note: You need to make your own reservations. In order to be offered the above prices, don’t forget to mention you are attending our event.* 

Plenary Speakers

Tyna Constantopoulou
Athanasios Karasimos
Dr. Nicos Sifakis

Plenary Speakers

Tyna Constantopoulou is a lecturer in the MA in TESOL awarded by Staffordshire University and Unicert College. She is also a teacher trainer in Inclusive and Special Education at Metamathesis. She has presented in conferences worldwide raising awareness on student diversity, inclusive practices, and individualised interventions. She firmly believes education is a transformative experience shaping personal and social attitudes and actions. Tyna has received the Gold Award in Innovation and Research in Education and the Bronze Award in Supporting Learners with Special Educational Needs in EFL.

Tyna Constantopoulou

Reorientating TESOL through Sustainable Design

In 2015, the United Nations composed an Agenda with 17 Sustainable Development Goals for a prosperous worldwide future. The 2030 Agenda addresses environmental, educational, social, and economic issues in a holistic way. The presentation focuses on Goal 4 – Quality Education and Goal 10 – Reduced Inequalities foregrounding the implementation of a Sustainable TESOL Design. The principles employed – Democratic Philosophy, Systems Thinking, Targeted Planning, Transformative Pedagogy, Reflection and Evaluation – are analysed and elaborated on with supporting evidence and suggestions for practical application. The presentation aims to instill attitudes and prompt actions that foster sustainable learning and encourage innovation in TESOL.

Athanasios Karasimos

Digital Storytelling and Board Games in Foreign Language Teaching

In this presentation, we introduce the four levels of educational technology use and relate them to how applications and Web 3.0 and Web 4.0 are implemented. We will present the interconnection of digital storytelling with new technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality and semantic networks and maps. Moreover, we will connect the modern board games that depend (or not) on the language to the teaching of English or any foreign language at all levels of education. We will present the different genres and specific board game selection criteria for presenting or eliciting language combined with digital storytelling. Reference will be made to a model where any board game can be used in all language teaching classrooms and directly linked to the teaching of specific language skills. Based on the criteria for board games we will provide some scenarios for students in each kind of game (simulation, worker placement, deckbuilding, dice games, area control, puzzle games, knowledge games, eurogames (themed), fighting games). Several and extensive examples of board game scenarios will be discussed.

Athanasios Karasimos

Athanasios Karasimos is Associate Professor of Computational Linguistics at the English Language and Literature Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dr. Nicos Sifakis is a Professor of English for specific purposes at University of Athens

Dr. Nicos Sifakis

The Miracle and Perils of Group-Work: Enabling Differentiated Instruction in the Esol Classroom

 I present the key advantages and concerns of group-work, with specific reference to making the best of differentiated instruction. I offer solutions and understandings that teachers can immediately begin to use kin their specific contexts with maximal results.



Marina Kollatou & Anastasia Geralexi & Ifigeneia KOfou

Marina Kollatou
Anastasia Geralexi
Ifigeneia Kofou

Pairing the Flipped Classroom with the ELT Curriculum

Summary: Based on Tucker’s (2012) assumption that there is no one model for flipped classroom, the presentation depicts the way the flipped classroom was implemented in the EFL teaching and learning context to the 1st graders of 3 Senior High Schools in Greece in the school year 2021-2022.

Marina Kollatou, English teacher, Senior High School Principal, ETAL, Larissa, Greece

Ifigeneia Kofou, Dr/English teacher/HOU, ETAL, Larissa, Greece

Anastasia Geralexi, English teacher, Gouves Evoias, ETAL

Despina Mallidou

Despina Mallidou is an EFL teacher and trainer who holds a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and an RSA diploma in TEFL.

Despina mallidou

13:45 – 14:30

From a 21st Century Teacher to a Teaching Happiness Educator.

Summary: “Happiness should be the end goal of education” Aristotle The aim of the workshop is to attempt to redefine the role of the educators in the post covid era, introducing basic principles of wellbeing and positive psychology and the way these can be implemented in the classroom. Apart from the theory, attendees will be provided with practical wellbeing ideas and tasks to use while teaching a language.

Maria - Araxi Sachpazian

13:45 – 14:30

Sustainable Writing B2-C2

Summary: Do your learners feel daunted when composing texts? Do they tend to get lost and waste time? Do they fail to grasp the bull’s eye of the topic? This session explores how streamlining the teaching of writing in class from B2 to C2 level helps learners produce meaningful texts.

Maria-Araxi Sachpazian

Maria – Araxi Sachpazian Lecturer CITY College, University of York Europe Campus, / Managing Director Input on Education/ EFL Teacher.

Aphrodite Gkiouris

Aphrodite Gkiouris is an English teacher in Public Primary Schools in Larissa, Greece.

Aphrodite Gkiouris

13:45 – 14:30

Teaching Grammar, While Virtually Travelling the World

Summary: Our senses allow us to enjoy our food, the sound of music, the beauty of a sunny day – in short, our lives! With the aid of the Internet, I realized that I can teach my students about the special gift of the senses, while teaching Grammar, even during the lockdown.

Anna Varna

13:45 – 14:30

Going on a Bear Hunt with a Bunch of Kindergarteners

Summary: Storytelling is a powerful technique used since the beginning of time to transmit knowledge, memories, values. In this presentation I will share the dos and dont’s of storytelling in kindergarten using original texts like the famous “Going on a Bear Hunt”.

Anna Varna

Anna Varna, English Language Teacher, MEd in Educational Technology, Primary Education

Dimitris Kouniakis

Dimitris Kouniakis, EFL Teacher – School Owner Patras, Greece

Dimitris Kouniakis

13:45 – 14:30

From Needs Analysis to Curriculum Design.

Summary: Certificate-oriented TEFL curriculums often produce unemployable certificate holders lacking the necessitated speaking and writing skills development. This presentation discusses how the Greek ELT market has failed to keep abreast of Industry 4.0 needs and foregrounds language acquisition as the core element of a sustainable and innovative 21st-century language education design.

Eleni Cartalia

13:45 – 14:30

A Promising Mission: Metacognition!

Summary: Brain-based pedagogy is an innovative approach based on Neuroscience research. We will practice Metacognition which is the way Learners can manage their learning by themselves. This workshop will introduce an original restorative activity that engages and empowers Young Learners.

Eleni Cartalia

Eleni Cartalia is an EFL Teacher and a lifelong Learner. She is a TESOL Greece Oversight Committee member.

Christos Sotiropoulous

Christos Sotiropoulos, English language teacher & School Owner, PALSO/TESOL Greece, Chania Greece

Christos sotiropoulos

13:45 – 14:30

Practical Ideas of Using Virtual Reality in the Language Classroom

Summary:  In this gamified presentation teachers, with the use of their mobile phones, will learn how to use virtual reality to enhance students’ understanding and learning. Join me in an adventure of visualising poetry and literature, of learning about the behaviour of lions and sharks, and following the footsteps of a refugee girl in Syria.



13:45 – 14:30

The Luminescent Supervision: Empowering Teacher’s Emotional Sustainability

Summary: In this person-centred workshop, teachers will be prompted to explore their prevailing emotional and professional constitutions and will be exposed to the Luminescent Approach to regulating and processing visceral convictions so as to nourish personal and professional transformation and transcend from teachers to facilitators of change.

Theodore Lalos

Theodore Lalos, EFL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Oral Examiner, Person-centred Counsellor, Salamis, Greece

Tanya Livarda

Tanya Livarda (BA, MA in TESOL, DELTA, CELTA) EFL Teacher, Oral Examiner, TESOL M/Th NG, Thessaloniki, Greece

Tanya Livarda

13:45 – 14:30

Feedback or Hold Back? How to Build Resilience Through Feedback?

Summary: Resilience has been defined as the ability to recover from or to adapt to change. Therefore, how can we link feedback and resilience? Can we, as teachers, build our students’ resilience if we change the way we give our feedback to them?


Katerina Mantadaki

13:45 – 14:30

Assessing Writing at CEFR B2 Level

Summary: What is the difference between assessment and grading, when it comes to writing? Grading is used to measure student performance but it is not necessarily an accurate indicator of student learning. Assessment and feedback go beyond grading, looking at patterns of student learning and using that data to help students learn more effectively, improving their overall performance in writing.


Katerina Mantadaki

Katerina Mantadaki, MSc – Senior ELT Educational Consultant, Express Publishing, Athens, Greece

Angeliki Voreopoulou

Angeliki Voreopoulou, ESL Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Writer, 15th Primary School of Evosmos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Angeliki Voreopoulou


Maria Doulgeri

12:00 – 12:45

Sustaining the Learner’s Heart with the Storytelling Art

Summary: In this workshop, there will be a demonstration of how different storytelling techniques can be effectively integrated in teaching English to (Very) Young Learners. The participants will be actively involved in all the storytelling stages and they will familiarise themselves with activities that promote sustainable language leaning.

Maria Doulgeri

Maria Doulgeri, ESL Teacher, Writer, N. Potidea Primary School, Greece

George Kokolas

George Kokolas, Academic Director Express Publishing/International Speaker/Licenced POSED practitioner/Advanced NLCoach/Podcaster

George Kokolas

13:45 – 14:30

The Zest Vaccine

Summary: Zest is considered as one of the fundamental strengths for a positive psychology mindset. We frequently think that it comes out naturally but recent findings do prove that is a result of self-driven and conscious process. The speaker will review key elements connected to how we can generate zest. 

Zafi mandali

13:45 – 14:30

The Town of Words

Summary:  “The Town of Words”, is a project-based approach to teaching parts of speech and syntax strategies through visual input, clues and activities. It strengthens the mind’s labelling and syntax network paths. As students shape their “Town of Words” they internalize parts of speech, word order and sentence building in English.


Zafi Mandali

Zafi Mandali, Director of studies BA in English Literature M.A. Applied Linguistics. Soft point in Storytelling

Dimitris Primalis

Dimitris Primalis , Microsoft IE Fellow, primary & kindergarten EFL coordinator at Doukas School, Athens, Greece

Dimitris Primalis

13:45 – 14:30

Asynchronous Learning: Endless Opportunities for Empowerment, Engagement, Exposure.

Summary: During the pandemic, both teachers and learners used extensively online synchronous learning. However, the enormous potential of online asynchronous education remains mainly unknown. In this workshop, we will explore how asynchronous learning can boost learner empowerment and engagement, and increase exposure to language and culture without straining the syllabus. 

Theodora Papapanagioutou

Theodora Papapanagiotou, Teacher, Translator, Teacher Trainer

Theodora Papapanagiotou


Bobby Zlatkov

12:00 – 12:45

Speak Off the World

Summary: At lower-level classes, teachers often struggle to avoid the use of L1 and to get their students to speak in English despite their limited range of grammar and vocabulary. There are, however, some simple tricks for using English more at the expense of L1 in class.

Bobby Zlatkov

Bobby Zlatkov, academic manager, teacher, teacher trainer. CELTA, DELTA, IH Diploma Academic Management, BA Greek Ph.

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Panhellenic Association of Language School Owners – Teachers 

98-100 Akadimias St., 10678 Athens

How to succeed in ESB & EUROPALSO Exams. Every Student Benefits.

How to succeed in ESB & Europalso Exams. Every Student benefits. The presentation provides useful information on the content, the format and the key features of the ESB and the Europalso examinations. It is a walkthrough guide that covers the number/type of questions in all sections (Listening, Reading, Use of English, Writing, Speaking) for all levels of the exams.

Georgoulea Kaiti-Popi, Europalso Examinations Officer


For more than 30 years, Burlington Books has been committed to creating quality materials for students learning English in Greece and to providing schools and teachers with support and first-class service. With offices in Athens. Thessaloniki, Patra and Crete we are uniquely placed to identify the needs of teachers and school owners across the country and to make sure that our books and digital materials truly address the practical realities of ELT classrooms today.

Papastratou 12 & Asklipiou, 185 45 Piraeus
Tel.: 0030-210-9767888
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ECCE Honors, our brand new coursebook for the ECCE exam, follows the success of Revised ECPE Honors to provide clear, user-friendly exam preparation material that teachers can trust for great results. It is accompanied by free interactive webbooks for use in the classroom and to support online and autonomous learning.

Anne Leventeris, Seminar Department Manager, Burlington Books

Nikos Kavroulakis

EXPRESS PUBLISHING is an independent publishing house dedicated to producing quality ELT materials. Founded in 1988, the company has enjoyed steady, rapid growth and currently has a list of over 3,300 titles, with sales in over 100 countries worldwide. Through constant innovation and implementation of new technologies and approaches, Express Publishing aims to raise the intellectual standards, to educate, inspire and excite learners of the English language. Uniquely among leading publishers, we view ELT not as one department of a larger concern, but as the single focus of our operations.

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Tel : +30210 2120800
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Email: elt@expresspublishing.gr  
Web: www.expresspublishing.co.uk

#English: Assisting flexibility, maximising learning!

A newly created, exciting course for A-C classes with engaging, fun content, designed to motivate students, promote inclusivity and meet the new, emerging educational needs of 2022. Through an effective combination of print and digital resources, #English allows for flexible teaching (In-class, Blended or Flipped learning), enhances student autonomy and boosts the development of real-life skills.

Katerina Mantadaki, MSc – Teacher Trainer, Senior Educational Consultant, Express Publishing

The PALSO Federation is the most prestigious sectoral organization
in its industry, comprising 40 local Associations of Language School
Owners in Greece. PALSO has been successfully conducting foreign
language exams since its inception, while actively supporting the
interests of the owners of its Foreign Language Schools.
• The Federation adheres to the principles and values aimed at protecting the
community of all language school owners as a whole, as well as public interest.
Its goal is to administer exams with a view to improving language services and
to encourage PALSO members and local associations to comply with the Code
of Professional Ethics.
• We share: The view of the competent judicial authorities against financial
offers aimed at misleading the consumer.
• We believe in: The value of language proficiency certificates provided through
fair and transparent examinations.
• We support: The equal treatment of candidates, which enhances students’
ability in all language skills.
• We trust: Those Foreign Language Schools that have complied with the
regulations of the Institute of Education and have specialized teachers in
specially designed classrooms.
We clarify that: The Foreign Language Schools’ only activity is teaching a foreign
language, according to what the Ministry of Education clearly states.

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GRIVAS Publications has been actively involved in the field of ELT since 1986. The founder of the company, Constantinos Grivas, has been involved in writing English language books since 1970 and has collaborated with some of the most respected authorities in the field. Thus, our long experience, high level of quality as well as our understanding of the demands of students and teachers alike, have established Grivas Publications as a leader in ELT teaching.

UNICERT College is a new educational institution that aims at promoting education one step further! With a strategic partnership with Staffordshire University, we are introducing a new culture in education, based on the synergy between academic knowledge, practical application, and individual skills for the promotion of the postgraduate program MA in TESOL. The UNICERT College team consists of distinguished academics, successful professionals, and executives in education with deep knowledge of their subjects. For us, in UNICERT College, “Master yourself” is more than a motto, it’s a way of setting new rules and redefining what success and evolution are. UNICERT College belongs to D Group, the largest purely Greek and internationally recognized certification body (for individuals and management systems) with activities in Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans. Going further, D Group through UCERT introduces OCN a modern international certification body that offers the appropriate solutions according to the high standards set by the job market in ESOL exams. It is the first certification body in Greece to conduct ESOL Exams using Tele-proctoring and allowing the students to be examined from home via Desktop Computer or Laptop. OCN offers accredited certifications and foreign language qualifications for exams and SUPREME COUNCIL FOR CIVIL PERSONNEL SELECTION (ASEP) competitions. See here the relevant publication. Additionally, it is also recognized by Ofqual.

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Quality in Language Services

 is a non-profit network of certified quality Foreign Language Centres which aims at developing a modern educational environment for their students. It draws on the dynamic co-operation of successful schools which share the vision of creating schools of a European character. With common values and standards, they strive to improve and evolve continuously.

17 Katehaki Str. ,11525, Athens, Tel: +30 2106929463

E-mail: qls@qls.gr

Website: www.qls.gr Facebook : QLS | Quality in Language Services Linkedin: QLS-Quality in Language Services

QLS participation is kindly sponsored by EAQUALS


22 October, 2022 @ 12:00 pm
23 October, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


TESOL Macedonia – Thrace – Northern Greece
TESOL Greece


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Koumoundourou 17-19
Larissa, Larissa 412 22 Greece
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