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TESOL Greece Start-of-the-Year Big SIG DAY 2020 Event “Reshaping the Future of Education”

20 September, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

"Reshaping the Future of Education"

Plenary Speakers

Suzanne Antonaros
Nicos Sifakis

Event Programme


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Important Note to All TESOL Greece Members

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Greetings from our Presenters

Suzanne Antonaros

Marina Pantazi

Roussetia Nikoliadou

Tyna Constantopoulou

Amanda Skamagka

Stelios Gatzionis

Plenary Presentations

Suzanne holds a B.A. in Spanish and an M.A. in TEFL from  San Francisco State University. She has had extensive teaching and teacher training, f2f and online, and materials development experience in the USA, the UK, the Balkans, the Middle East and in Greece.    She is co-director of  EDUCATIONAL & TRAINING CONCEPTS and has co-authored books for EFL professionals. A founding member of TESOL Greece and of Living Values, she has served on the Board of both volunteer associations.

Suzanne Antonaros

A Rose by Any Other Name Is as Sweet: Are We What We Call Ourselves?​

Reflecting on the ever-changing world of work and the possible need for a re-vamping of the image of the foreign language teacher, let’s discuss essential elements of what our work requires. ROSE:  R‘ for re-educating our public, ‘O‘ for overcoming prejudices, ‘S‘ for self-esteem and its building and repairs and ‘E‘ for elevating our professional status. 

Nicos Sifakis​

Raising ESOL Teachers’ Global English Critical Literacy: what, why, and how

In this presentation I propose that raising ESOL teachers’ informed awareness of the global dimension of English and preparing them for the necessity of integrating it, in some ways and to some extent, in their classrooms is rapidly emerging to become a key component of their professional toolbox. I introduce the concept “Global English Critical Literacy” (GECL), which orientates a set of principles that refer to the knowledge, attitudes and skillset of ESOL stakeholders and ESOL products with regard to issues and concerns raised in the relevant research literatures, and the extent to which they have relevance for local ESOL contexts.

Nicos Sifakis is professor of English for specific purposes in the Department of English Language and Linguistics of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, and director of the M.Ed. in TESOL Programme of the Hellenic Open University.

SIG Presentations

Adult Learners SIG

Stelios Gatzionis Career Coach – Counsellor, Teacher of English language.

Stelios Gatzionis

Building Confidence & Motivation in Adult Learners

Summary: Building Confidence & Motivation in Adult Learners, through powerful coaching questions to discover Character Strengths & Talents.



Drama & Literature SIG

Roussetia Nikoliadou has been a teacher of English for 22 years. She firmly believes teaching is a fully rewarding vocation through which teaching and learning are interchangeable.

Roussetia Nikoliadou

Teach, Enjoy, Create


Summary: In this workshop we will learn how to teach a fairy tale, how to set up the scenery and how to combine activities according to the tale. We will learn how to teach our little stars different group of words by creating simple activities. We are their first teacher and we will do our best to remember us!!

Learning Technologies SIG

Marina Pantazi

Let’s “Zoom” in the Future: Online Teaching Games

Summary:  This presentation includes games that can be integrated in both synchronous and  asynchronous classes in order to make the lesson appealing for the students. The construction of a virtual classroom as well as interactive games for any online lesson will be introduced.

Marina Pantazi is an EFL teacher in Greece.

Specific Learning Differences SIG

Tyna Constantopoulou (M.Ed. in Special Education) is an EFL Special Education teacher running Inclusion Diffusion, a private individually owned school in Kalamata.

Tyna Constantopoulou

Pedagogical Flexibility: Needs Analysis-Based Adaptations and Modifications

Summary: This presentation examines pedagogical flexibility as a proactive process allowing educators to make decisions and effectively address student needs in inclusive learning settings. The notion and implementation of adaptations and modifications is foregrounded and explicitly explored eliminating inequalities and targeting meaningful learning.

Teacher Development and Research SIG

Stella Floras

Feed Back or Feed Forward? That is the question!

Summary: Feedback is ‘the single most powerful moderator that enhances achievement’. However, research indicates that teachers don’t always employ feedback effectively rendering it hurtful , demotivating or just ignored. Come learn how to give the perfect FeedBack and how and why FeedForward works.

Stella Floras Teacher, trainer and Language/Life Coach

Young Learners SIG

Amanda Skamagka,Post-doc researcher (University of Athens). EFL teacher specialized in VYL, author and instructor of teacher training e-learning course “Teaching foreign languages to very young learners” (University of Athens).



Amanda Skamagka

Why Teach VYLs? Multiple Intelligences and Children’s Personality Development

Summary: Teaching foreign languages to very young learners during their critical period can highly contribute to children’s personality development. It is not only about communication, accuracy and fluency, but also about developing lifelong skills and the multiple intelligences, which are –according to developmental psychologist Howard Gardner– ‘part of our birthright’.

SIG Meetings / Elections

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are an integral part of the TESOL Greece vibrant community of ELT professionals. Their purpose and function is to afford TESOL Greece members specific opportunities to share information or research in specialized fields. Our six SIGs have been established and supported by certain TESOL Greece members who wish to hone their skills within a particular area or specialization of TEFL.

On the Big SIG Day we traditionally hold the SIG meetings to discuss and share with the specific SIG members their concerns and special interests, as well as expectations of their SIG.
Additionally, we hold elections for the posts of SIG Coordinators who are responsible for the smooth running of their SIG in close collaboration with the TESOL Greece Board of Directors. In short, the duties of the SIG Coordinator are the following:

  • Head a SIG in collaboration with the TESOL Greece Board of Directors.

  • Attract colleagues interested in the specific SIG.

  • Suggest planning of SIG events in collaboration with the TESOL Greece Board of Directors.

  • Run the Annual SIG Meeting at the respective Event.

  • Suggest innovations to Board through the TG Board SIG Liaison Officer.

  • Be present (and coordinate your SIG) at SIG events!!

    SIG Coordinator Nominations

    We open the floor for nominations for the posts of SIG Coordinators (1 year). You can nominate another TESOL Greece member for the post OR you can nominate yourself. Nominees must have experience and particular interest in the relevant SIG and be a TESOL Greece member in good standing. To submit your nomination please click. HERE Deadline for submissions 18 September, 2020.


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