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20th Annual TESOL Greece – Athens College Event

6 February @ 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

20th Annual TESOL Greece – Athens College Event

"Introducing Sustainability in ELT: Raising Awareness, Involving Learners"

This year's pitta cutting event is kindly sponsored by

Important Note to All TESOL Greece Members

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Please make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom, available here: https://www.zoom.us

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We would like to ask all attendees to keep their cameras and microphones off at all times during the meeting. You can use the chat box for any questions to the presenters.

10.30 - 10:45
Welcome - Opening Remarks

Plenary Speaker:

Dr Joanna Nijakowska

Dr Joanna Nijakowska

10:30 – 11:45

“Towards Sustainable Foreign Language Learning with Neurodiverse Learners”

Summary:Sensitivity to individual differences and learner variability should be a driving force for educational decisions aimed at making foreign language learning more sustainable for all learners. These decisions concern teaching and assessment practices that remove barriers to foreign language learning by making it accessible to diverse learners.

Joanna Nijakowska is a University Professor in the Centre for Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education, University of Warsaw, Poland. A teacher trainer, specialist in foreign language acquisition and didactics, psycholinguistics and learning difficulties.

Stefania Balotto

Start small for BIG changes: Integrating SDG Towards 2030 ow Can We Increase Wellbeing in the Classroom?

Summary: Our world is pretty amazing, and YOU are part of it. It is facing many challenges and there are many ways that we can work to improve it. These challenges are big and complicated.
The global skills are transferable across subject areas both inside and outside school. The skills are inclusive and reach everyone, and can be implemented in ways that are age-appropriate.
The learners are introduced to keywords, concepts and basic information on current situations and causes relevant to global challenges. They are prompted to think empathetically and creatively, ask questions and reflect. They are motivated and supported to take concrete actions around them-whether they are large or small.

Stefania Ballotto

Stefania Ballotto is a teacher and teacher-trainer in the Pilgrims programme in the U.K. She is also a researcher and lecturer at the University of Udine in Italy.

Michael Robbs

Michael Robbs is a Business English teach, teacher trainer and communication coach with almost 30 years of experience.

Michael Robbs

Beyond Sustainability: Regenerative Teaching

Summary: Sustainability is great, but keeping things as they are is not enough. We, our students and the planet need more. In this talk, I’ll explore what I mean by regeneration for teachers, students and material. I’ll share some activities that my colleagues and I have used and some practical tips on how we can reimagine, recreate and regenerate the field of English language teaching.

Eleni Svoronou

Climate change: From Awareness-raising to Active Citizenship

Summary: In this workshop, we will experience a step-by-step educational process leading from understanding the phenomenon to action. The ability to take action at a personal and collective level is a key skill of active citizens. We can help our learners develop this skill and put it to practice right away!

Eleni Svoronou

Eleni Svoronou is an author and creative writing teacher and is currently the Environmental Education Officer for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Greece. Ms. Svoronou received her MSc degree in Heritage Management from the University of Birmingham and has written over 16 fiction and nonfiction books for children and youth and has coordinated creative writing classes in major institutions in the field of Literature. She is a researcher in the area of ecotourism, facilitates community projects on sustainable development, and designs environmental education materials for teachers and students of primary and secondary education and adults.



6 February
10:30 am - 4:30 pm


TESOL Greece


TESOL Greece