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Pitta Cutting Event

10 February @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

“Teach to Communicate"

Plenary Speaker:

Agnes Alice Mariakaki

“Rethink, Renew, Re-imagine Communication in the Age of Digital Disruption… Are You Ready?”

Social media, search engines and mobile universes are the communication playground of the new, digital generation, and are influencing the way they connect, express themselves and learn. We are preparing our students for a future we cannot clearly describe,  which will offer them exponential opportunities to create and achieve. But first, we will need to transform the way we reach out to young minds, and the way we touch their hearts, making sure that their vast potential comes alive.

Agnes Mariakaki, holds a Master’s Degree in Organisational Psychology from the University of Lancaster, UK. She is a certified trauma therapist in liaison with the University of Alberta, Canada, a certified NLP trainer and a Lego Serious Play facilitator and Design Thinking expert. She lectures at the Public Open University and is a member of the research team of the MAMEM project for the social inclusion of people with disabilities. She manages MindSearch, a social and commercial research company.



“Can preschoolers speak English?”

Summary: This presentation includes ways of teaching preschoolers how to communicate using the English language. Through dramatic play, young learners learn the language in realistic conditions such as the hospital, the grocery store, the airport or the flower shop. Also, materials and innovative activities of dramatizing everyday life situations, are going to be suggested.

Marina Pantazi is an English teacher, she has studied English Literature and she specializes in teaching young learners via interactive materials.

Jake Delatolas – Saveris holds a B.A. in English & an M.Ed. in TESOL (Distinction). He is currently teaching English at Pierce – ACG.


“Communicating Knowledge to Teenagers in the 21st Century EFL Classroom”

Summary: Teaching in the 21st century classroom should meet the needs of today’s learners and integrate learning opportunities and activities to promote critical thinking, cross-curricular connections, collaborative learning, and high levels of visualization to increase understanding. Therefore, facilitating social interaction in the process of constructing knowledge and understanding is necessary.


 “Why are we doing this? Communicating need to our learners”

Summary: Have your students ever asked, Why are we doing this? To us, it’s quite obvious. To them, not so much. In this presentation, we’ll talk about how, helping learners make an explicit connection between each activity and their short-and long-term needs,  can help with motivation, performance, and ultimately, communication

Susan Stetson-Tiligadas has a PhD in Education, twenty plus years in ELT, and teaches in Deree’s EAP and MA TESOL programs.

Irene Stroumpas Xantheas has been an EFL teacher and a language school owner for nearly 30 years. Prior to that she lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia as a primary school teacher.


“Boost your students’ confidence through speaking activities”


Are your EFL learners confident in their English-speaking skills?

Making our students feel confident and changing their attitude towards speaking is very significant in language learning. Students need fun and simple instances where they can put into practice what they have learnt. Students need to feel confident,  otherwise they will not learn as fast or will not gain the fluency they need.

Maria Mavrakis

“Developing Oral Competency through Verbal Activities”

Judy Nelson,
Anna Ioannou,
Helen Papamichalopoulos

“Teaching for Understanding and Communication Using Authentic Materials”

Sarah Lathan

“TED Talks in the Classroom”

Memories from last year's pitta cutting event.

Information about all the speakers and the event programme to follow soon.


10 February
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


15 Stefanou Delta St. Psychiko
Athens, 154 52
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