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Watch us Live! from Syros

| Wednesday, 21 June 2017 |

Watch us Live! from Syros

Visit our YouTube Channel to watch us live from Syros


Saturday 24/06/2017


17:45:    Opening Remarks - Announcements


18:00:   Agnes Mariakaki 


“Mind Expanding Teaching for Exponential Learning”

A practical perspective on how to teach the skills of originality,

imagination,and problem solving in class in order to fuel the ability

of kids to learn through curiosity and joy rather than through pressure and obligation.

In addition, teaching the skills of self reflection and internal dialogue

will help them to apply themselves and to keep going through

the tough stages of learning mastery.


19:15   Jeanne Perrett

"Use your Imagination"

Imagination goes much further than believing in elves and dragons.

Being able to visualize ourselves positively helps us to become better teachers and more

successful learners. It enables us to cope with anything which life

throws at us and to empathize with others. Creativity isn’t confined to

‘The Arts’ and developing our imagination can enhance everything we do

from loading up a supermarket trolley to marking piles of homework!


20:00 Closing Remarks