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Start of the year symposium report

| Friday, 14 October 2016 |

Start of the year symposium report

This Year, the TESOL Greece Start-of-the-Year Symposium, was held at Ionios School, on Sunday, 26th September. New and old TESOL Greece members arrived at the venue on buses kindly provided by Ionios School.

In a packed auditorium, the first workshop was conducted by Anna Petala, who presented a very practical and fun way to teach Grammar to young learners. Anna, in her workshop, demonstrated how students can associate grammar rules to things they know; kings and queens, building castles and how a verb can have a ‘king’s crown’ as its ending (-s), when using the Present Simple. The audience participated actively by drawing and presenting their own version of the castle, proving once more the value of creativity in Grammar lessons.

Gwyn Owen’s workshop introduced ways we can exploit emerging language, a key concept of Dogme in the classroom.  A few activities helped us realise how useful the emergence of new language can be in the learning process, and, in the end, we discovered how we can use our students’ developing vocabulary to produce ‘intoxicating’ stories.

After Gwyn’s gripping workshop, there was a coffee-break kindly sponsored by Ionios School. TESOLers had the chance to catch up, while browsing through the most recent publications and educational programmes in the exhibition area.

Then, Christina Chorianopoulou demonstrated how digital games can be a very useful tool in our teaching practice, and how her learners’ motivation in speaking improved, when they were asked to explain the rules of their favourite digital games. We explored how a digital game can be developed into a compelling language learning material, and how we can overcome possible problems.

The event ended with a video, showing moments from the rich history of the TESOL Greece Newsletter, which dates back to 1981. Finally, the TESOL Greece Chair, Valia Gkotsi, and the Director of Ionios’ English Programme, Mandy Watkins, in their closing remarks, bid farewell to the attendants until our next events in Chalkida on the 16th of October, and the Big SIG Day on November 13th.

George Tsioumanis

For TESOL Greece