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Big SIG Day Event

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Starts on:13/11/2016



Registration                           09:30-10:00

SIG Workshops I                   10:10-11:00   

Room 212                               Vasiliki Lismani, (ALSIG)

                                                Raising Teachers' Awareness about English

as a Lingua Franca

Room 210                               Gianna Gkioni, (DLSIG)

                                                Drama in Education

Lab 2                                       George Drivas & Chryssanthe Sotiriou, (LT SIG)

                                                Introducing QR Codes in the ELT Classroom

Room 209                               Dr Christine Calfoglou, (YLSIG)

                                                The Multiple Uses of mind-mapping among Young Learners


Coffee Break                                     11:00-11:30

Plenary Talk                          11:40-12:30   

Room 211                               Agapi Dendaki

                                                Learning Difficulties in ELT: A Welcome Challenge

Annual SIG Meetings           12:40-13:30   

Room 212                               Adult Learners SIG (ALSIG)  

Room 210                               Drama & Literature SIG (DLSIG)

Lab 2                                       Learning Technologies SIG (LTSIG)

Room 209                               Young Learners SIG (YLSIG)           


SIG Workshops II                  13:40-14:30   

Room 212                               Stavroula Charitou, (ALSIG)           

                                                Achieving Results with Adult Learners

Room 210                               Ioanna Georgakopoulou, (DLSIG)

Using Drama to Create Language, or Using Language to Create Drama?

Lab 2                                       Angelos Bollas, (LTSIG)

                                                Don’t Feedback; Feed…Forward      

Room 209                               Dora Koutoukis, (YLSIG)

The Young Learner’s Classroom: Routines and Practices for 6 and 7 year-olds



Plenary Speaker

Agapi Dendaki 

Learning Difficulties in ELT: A Welcome Challenge

Learning difficulties become more apparent in the FL classroom; however, the formidable task of teaching children with learning difficulties can turn into a welcome challenge once the teacher becomes aware of their educational needs, and acquainted with appropriate strategies and materials. This presentation will also provide practical suggestions for classroom, and face-to-face intervention.



Agapi Dendaki, an EFL teacher with postgraduate studies in Special Education (University of Athens) and Counselling in Education (University of La Verne). She has had many years of experience in teaching as well as a trainer of health professionals in special education needs.

Adult learners SIG
 Speaker 1
Stavroula Charitou

Achieving Results with Adult Learners

This presentation provides a holistic view of formal instruction to adults. It covers all skills and systems and stresses the importance and necessity of empathy. It aims to highlight adult learners’ strengths and weaknesses, to offer techniques, to exploit strengths, to overcome weaknesses and to facilitate the learning process as a whole.
Stavroula Charitou pic.jpg

DELTA holder since 2004, teaching mainly Business English to adults since 2005, cooperating with local and multinational companies in Athens.

Speaker 2

Vasiliki Lismani

Raising Teachers' Awareness about English as a Lingua Franca

This presentation will attempt to respond to the increasing need  for familiarizing Adult Learners' Teachers with English as a Lingua Franca (ELF). It will introduce  its general characteristics and principles, as well as issues related to why and how ELF should be an integrated part of the English Language Teaching.

Vassiliki Lismani pic b.jpg

 Vassiliki Lismani holds a B.Ed. (University of Athens), MA in Special and Inclusive Education (Nottingham Trent, UK) and a CELTA. She has been teaching English as Foreign Language for 20 years.
Drama and literature SIG
Speaker 1
Ioanna Georgakopoulou

Using Drama to Create Language, or Using Language to Create Drama?


  In this workshop we will explore a story together, and see how we can introduce drama techniques in our classrooms. Since drama and language teaching play a similar role in our basic need of communication, when combined in a meaningful and motivating way, they can give the appropriate context and for the learners and the teacher to create an experiential learning opportunity.
 17 Ioanna photo.jpg

Ioanna Georgakopoulou holds a BA in English Language and Literature (Kapodistrian University, Athens) and an MA in Drama in Education (University of Warwick).

Speaker 2
 Gianna Gkioni
Drama in Education

Drama is both an art form in its own right, and a very effective learning medium. This workshop is going to practically investigate the main Drama strategies that can be used in an EFL classroom. Based on extracts of literature pieces, we will practise “ the thought tracking”,” role on the wall”,  “hotseating”, “decision alley” and “writing in role” techniques.


Gianna Gkioni has dual training. She is a teacher of English and a Drama instructor. She is currently employed by Ellinogermaniki Agogi.


Learning Technologies SIG

Speaker 1
George Drivas - Chryssanthe Sotiriou
Introducing QR Codes in the ELT Classroom

Quick Response Codes are machine-readable optical labels that contain information. They can be used to host information in the form of text, images, etc. They augment educational reality (Todd, 2015), by allowing educators to create, and students to access layers of digital information on top of the physical world.


George Drivas is DoS , Department of Foreign Languages, Doukas School. He is the author of Presentation Skills Practice Book with Chryssanthe Sotiriou (Express Publishing, 2014).

Chryssanthe Sotiriou is English Coordinator at Doukas High School.  She has been involved in numerous research programs including “Digital School”, Greek Ministry of Education.

  Speaker 2

Angelos Bollas

Don’t Feedback; Feed…Forward

What happens when learners receive our feedback? Do they get a chance to explore our suggestions in practice? In this session, participants will be introduced to the concept of feedforward and they will be shown how to use tech tools that will change the way we provide feedback.


Angelos Bollas (MA in ELT; Cambridge Delta) is an ELT professional based in Greece, the UK, and online.

Young Learners SIG
Speaker 1
Dora Koutoukis
The Young Learner’s Classroom: Routines and Practices for 6 and 7 year-olds

Teaching early primary school children can be a demanding,if not a daunting task. Managing a class with 6 and 7 year-olds, teaching YLs to read and write and lesson-planning are some of the topics this workshop will focus on and provide easy

1,2,3 steps to approach the teaching of this age group.

20 Koutoukis.jpg

Dora Koutoukis, BA Social Sciences, DELTA, MA TESOL and App. Linguistics Leicester University. Foreign language school owner in Corfu.

Speaker 2
Dr Christine Calfoglou
The Multiple Uses of Mind-mapping among Young Learners

This workshop will be illustrating the multiple uses of ideational frameworks in the young learner language class in the form of a workshop. It will be targeting both skills development and the acquisition of grammar.


Dr. Christine Calfoglou PhD Applied Linguistics - Language Acquisition, author of a book on Literacy, has been teaching at Hellenic Open University for a number of years.


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