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Start Of The Year Event ~ Big SIG Day 2018

30 September

TESOL Greece starts celebrating its 40th anniversary year by focusing on, what else, but the Learner.

Jenny Dooley and Michael Robbs,

Start-of-the-Year Event & Big SIG Day plenary speakers, will be discussing
The Amazing Learner: Motivating, Challenging, Inspiring, along with the presenters of the six TESOL Greece SIGs:

  • Adult Learners SIG: Evangelia Kalianos Stavroula Mizeraki
  • Drama & Literature SIG: Mariangela Tsangari
  • Learning Technologies SIG: Anna Zacharatou
  • Specific Learning Differences SIG: Korina Kalogerogianni
  • Teacher Development & Research SIG: Maria Davou
  • Young Learners SIG: Voula Moustakidou

Join us at the Metropolitan College – Piraeus Campus on September 30th, 2018 to welcome the new school year together and don’t miss the chance to get involved: the SIG Coordinator Elections will take place during the Event; find your voice and share your expertise with the TESOL Greece community!

Plenary Presentations

Jenny Dooley

Homework in the 21st Century: Ideas to Excite and Engage Efl Learners!

Homework in the 21st Century: Ideas to Excite and Engage Efl Learners!

Jenny Dooley, M.Ed. is an EFL Author & Teacher Trainer. She holds a BA in Classics and a Masters in Education from the University of Wales, Swansea. She is the President of Express Publishing and Director of Studies of the Express Publishing piloting schools. She has been a teacher, a teacher trainer and an author in the ELL field for more than twenty years. She has travelled extensively, delivering seminars and holding workshops in Europe, Latin America, Russia and the Middle East. On a practical level, she has been influential in the creation of children’s theatre groups, which aim to stimulate young learners’ imagination while enhancing their English language learning.

Homework has always been a mainstay teacher strategy. When used properly, homework is an effective method for reinforcing educational learning goals. In the 21st century, a new style of homework should be encouraged, beyond the current model that mainly emphasizes rote rehearsal skills and mere practice at home. This new homework model should entail activities that inspire students to be more creative, explore their interests and become more autonomous. Only by providing learners with tasks that are relevant, intriguing, interesting, and exciting can there be a positive correlation between homework and higher levels of academic achievement.

Michael Robbs

Sustainable English Teaching

Sustainability means ensuring a bright future for our planet, our society and our business. In this practical presentation we’ll share inspirational ways we can remain diverse and productive in the pursuit of a common ideal. We’ll explore how we can continue to motivate our students when all they seem to care about is social media. I’ll share activities and exercises used successfully in class to challenge my students, and offer tips on what more we can do to ensure the future of English language teaching.

Michael Robbs is from Britain and has lived and worked in Greece for 25 years as an English teacher, Business English coach, cross cultural trainer and teacher trainer for the Hellenic American Union. He has given numerous presentations on human/computer interaction, project management, teaching teachers to draw, psychology for language teachers and professional innovation.


30 September


Metropolitan College Piraeus Campus
Piraeus, Greece


TESOL Greece
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