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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 11:39

Georgios Vlassios Kormpas

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“Feeding the BEAST: Online Assessment Websites”

Could you tell us a few things about your presentation and how it relates to this year’s Convention theme?

Online assessment is becoming a reality and this can be a very practical issue nowadays.  My presentation will focus on how online assessment websites are assessing student writing and how much work is still needed.


Briefly tell us a few things about yourself as a professional.

I consider myself a lifelong learner and passionate about professional development.  I participate in many events around the world related to professional development.


Is “keeping it practical” an important part of present day EFL classrooms? Why, do you think, this is?

Practical is something that you can use right away and is helpful for you.  This is what teachers need nowadays, practical things they can take in a classroom and use.


Are there problems when new practices are applied in the classrooms?

Everything that is new will bring resistance.  New is always seen like that despite the fact that it may help a lot in the process of learning.


Has it become easier or more complicated to teach English these past


I don’t think it has changed a lot, it has always been challenging and it still is.


What is one piece of advice that has been a beacon for your teaching over the years?

Persistence and diversity are the most important aspects of my teaching.


How important is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the teaching of languages?

One of the most important aspects of teaching as you need to keep up to date with new trends.


What do you find demotivating as far as teaching is concerned?

Grading!!!! And long teaching hours within a day.


What is one of the things you will not forget from past TG Conventions?

Friday but mostly Saturday night parties!!!


IF you could one piece of advice to new Educators in the field of ELT what would it be?

We will always be needed and will never be “completely” replaced by machines.

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