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Monday, 13 March 2017 23:08

Spyridoula Kokkali

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"Healthy Little Eaters and the Pouch of Happiness"

Could you tell us a few things about your presentation and how it relates to this year’s Convention theme?

Healthy Little Eaters is a special program designed within ELT classes in order to help children adapt to a new healthy diet. The program has triggered a domino effect not only within our school’s premises, but within our society, since almost everyone is eager to contribute. The program involves teaching and encouraging children to consume healthy snacks, the collection of the peels from the fruit they consume, the making of our own compost and the cultivation and consumption of our very own fruit. Locals contribute in different ways such as cooking healthy meals for the kids, giving seminars or guided tours, providing coffee grounds or fruit peels from their cafes for our compost, help us organize events and many more. Healthy Little Eaters have become a movement with a great message to the world in the form of a pouch called: “The pouch of happiness” that we are sure will change your lives forever. Healthy Little Eaters and the pouch of happiness is closely related to this year’s Convention theme since it is all about practicality and every day issues that no matter how simple they are, they have the power to change people’s lives.


Briefly tell us a few things about yourself as a professional.

I hold CEELT 1 from Hammersmith and West London College. I have been an ELT teacher since 1995 and a language school owner since 1998. I have also been an oral examiner for London EDEXCEL Exams twice.


Is “keeping it practical” an important part of present day EFL classrooms? Why, do you think, this is?

Keeping it practical is THE most important part of present EFL classrooms especially in Greece. Young children and their families are under a lot of pressure because of the economic crisis and practicality id of utmost important since according to my opinion helps them acquire basic survival skills.


Are there problems when new practices are applied in the classrooms?

I do not think there are problems when it comes to new practices being applied in the classrooms. It has to do of course with the philosophy of the teacher and the trust he can convey to their pupils. Everything is a matter of will.


Has it become easier or more complicated to teach English these past decades?

I wouldn’t say that teaching has become easier or more difficult for me over the years. Things of course change all the time but that is the beauty of our profession. Trying to adapt to a new era can be demanding but challenging as well. If you love teaching, you also become a chameleon if circumstances require so.


What is one piece of advice that has been a beacon for your teaching over the years?

A phrase which has always been a beacon in my teaching career is the following: “Success is not just about what you accomplish in life, it’s what you inspire others to do”. It is not a piece of advice really but an idea that keeps me going.


How important is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the teaching of languages?

CPD is of utmost importance in the teaching of anything really. However, languages are the ultimate bond among all people and CPD is even more important in this field.


What do you find demotivating as far as teaching is concerned?

I do not find anything demotivating in teaching. I have managed to create my own little world within my school and try to keep all negativity outside. My most important achievement throughout my career is my ability to turn negative things into positive ones.


What is one of the things you will not forget from past TG Conventions?

Having attended the 24th Macedonia Thrace Convention as a speaker on 12th March 2017, I can honestly say that hospitality was the most important feature for me.


If you could one piece of advice to new Educators in the field of ELT, what would it be?

A piece of advice to new Educators…no I would rather welcome them aboard and wish them they enjoy this lifetime trip, as much as I have.

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