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Saturday, 11 March 2017 18:44

Lana Duka Zupanc

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"The Weather Report and other Fun Activities" 

Could you tell us a few things about your presentation and how it relates to this year’s Convention theme?

My presentation is about games that promote moving,but also the ones that create some peace in the classroom. We all need time to reflect and time to wake up and take up the challenge. I chose my favourite ones that have been practised and loved by both me and my students. So,this is practicality at its best.

Briefly tell us a few things about yourself as a professional.

I have been working in a primary school for over 15 years. My students are from 6 to 15 years old,and they inspire me. We are one of a few schools that take their students to England every summer because we love challenges  and fieldwork approach is amazing . Together with my colleague Irena Holik,I am one of the coordinators for SOL – Sharing One Language in Croatia. I am also the president of HUPE Zagreb,which is a branch of  English Teachers Association in Croatia. I also do a lot of voluntary work with my students because it matters.

Is “keeping it practical” an important part of present day EFL classrooms? Why, do you think, this is?

Keeping it practical is a bare necessity in EFL classroom. We need to make them able to communicate and find more easily their place once they leave school. With so many various things we do every day in our classroom,we are the ones who can truly make the difference.

Are there problems when new practices are applied in the classrooms?

There are problems with new practises mostly because of the mindset: We have always done it like THIS. As we know, things change,maybe slowly, but they do.

Has it become easier or more complicated to teach English these past decades?

In some ways teaching has become easier,in some other ways, more challenging. Students are more different now than they were 15 years ago when we did not have that many resources. On the other hand,with ICT in the classroom,it is so much  easier and interesting to motivate them and work with you.

What is one piece of advice that has been a beacon for your teaching over the years?

A beacon for my teaching over the years ...“It is their formative years – YOU FORM THEM“.

How important is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the teaching of languages?

Continuous Professional Development is of vital importance.I strongly believe in Sharing is caring,and investing all those hours in workshops,talks and coffees with my colleagues is the most important part of the year. We share the same problems and get inspired by each other and once you get an inspired teacher,the students can only thrive.

What do you find demotivating as far as teaching is concerned?

Demotivating factors are mostly parents who feel they should get involved with what happens at school by controlling and demanding the impossible. In this line of work,we need to be diplomats because we work with many colleagues,students and parents and need to make it a pleasant journey.

What is one of the things you will not forget from past TG Conventions?

This is my first Tesol Greece Convention.

IF you could one piece of advice to new Educators in the field of ELT what would it be?

One piece of advice for my fellow teachers,new Educators in ELT would be : You are not teaching subjects, you are teaching children.

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