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Saturday, 11 March 2017 18:20

Vassiliki Sioziou

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"Can Peer-Evaluation Work with My Students? Yes, It Can!"

Could you tell us a few things about your presentation and how it relates to this year’s Convention theme?
The topic of our presentation stems from our everyday practice and tries to address two issues: heavy teacher workload and learner autonomy. We describe a very practical method of evaluating student writing, arguing that it offers benefits to both teachers and learners.
Briefly tell us a few things about yourself as a professional.
I’m an English teacher at Pierce-The American College of Greece. I’m particularly interested in second/foreign language acquisition as well as testing and assessment.
Is “keeping it practical” an important part of present day EFL classrooms? Why, do you think, this is?
It is very important to be practical in the EFL classroom nowadays because both teachers’ and students’ workload is too heavy.
Are there problems when new practices are applied in the classrooms?
Most of the times there aren’t any problems as students are always motivated by new approaches. Students can get very easily bored so new approaches keep them engaged in the classroom.
Has it become easier or more complicated to teach English these past decades?
I think that it has become neither easier nor more complicated, but different. We must now find space to teach 'Englishes' as opposed to the Standard English that language schools focused on up until fairly recently. Furthermore, learners have changed in terms of what they are interested in and how they learn. 
What is one piece of advice that has been a beacon for your teaching over the years?
Be creative!
How important is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the teaching of languages?
It is of utmost importance because you have the chance to learn about new approaches and techniques in the EFL classroom.
What do you find demotivating as far as teaching is concerned?
Nothing can demotivate me. I believe that when you love your job, everything is motivating. 
What is one of the things you will not forget from past TG Conventions?
The very interesting workshops and presentations, especially the plenary presentations.
IF you could one piece of advice to new Educators in the field of ELT what would it be?
Be creative and never give up!
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