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Important Information

Important Information (1)

The 38th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention
On Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March 2017, we are excited to welcome you to Athens for our 38th Annual International Convention
Keeping it Practical”, which will be hosted at the Royal Olympic Hotel in the centre of the city!
Every March, TESOL Greece, a teacher association with a long history since 1981, hosts one of the most popular events in the world of ELT! A meeting point for over 600 ELT professionals from over 20 countries, this two-day Convention comprises of world caliber plenary talks, over 50 workshops and presentations, an exhibition with the latest ELT publications and materials, and a social programme -typical of the Greek hospitality- that includes dinners, parties as well as tours of historical landmarks!
This year we are happy to announce our distinguished plenary speakers, Bessie Mitsikopoulou, Marjorie Rosenberg, Elana Shohamy and Adrian Underhill, all well-respected experts, renowned for their contribution to the field of ELT.
Below you will find more information about how you can participate in the convention as a volunteer, about this year’s James E. Alatis Honorary Plenary as well as the Maricelle Meyer Scholarship and the Eleftherios Kormpas Annual Membership Grants opportunities.
We look forward to meeting you in March!
The Professor James E. Alatis Honorary Plenary
On March 22, 2015, as a small token of appreciation and gratitude for Professor Alatis’ longstanding and generous support of TESOL Greece, the TESOL Greece General Assembly unanimously voted to establish the James Efstathios Alatis Honorary Plenary. This plenary is to be presented each year at the TESOL Greece International Convention by a colleague who has demonstrated outstanding service to the ELT field. This year, at the 37th Tesol Greece Annual International Convention, this plenary will be given by Adrian Underhill.
Who was Professor Alatis?
Professor James E. Alatis (1926-2015) was a founding member of TESOL Inc. and its first executive director. He served from the establishment of the association in 1966 through 1987, at which time he became executive director emeritus. 
Professor Alatis also served at Georgetown University, Washington, DC, in numerous capacities, including dean emeritus at the School of Languages and Linguistics; Distinguished Professor of linguistics and Modern Greek; senior advisor to the dean of the Georgetown College for International Language Programs and Research; and director of the university master’s program in TESOL. Over the course of his career, Professor Alatis also published numerous articles and books, served as an editor to prestigious journals in the field, and presented at conferences all over the world. He earned numerous awards as well. 
Professor Alatis’ vision of English language teaching, as he described it in an interview:
 “Teacher education is the heart of the matter. The goal of teachers is to provide their students with the highest quality instruction possible. This can be done only if the teachers are themselves well educated and continue to develop professionally throughout their lives. ‘And gladly will he learn and gladly teach,’ Chaucer told us about a good teacher. This involves learning and teaching in perpetuity.”



Maricelle Meyer Scholarship


In fond remembrance of Ms. Maricelle Meyer, the Maricelle Meyer Scholarship is awarded each year at the TESOL Greece Convention. The €400 scholarship has been designated to provide financial support for one TESOL Greece member to attend a professional training course of his/her choosing. The scholarship is not a cash award; it will be paid by TESOL Greece directly to the selected training programme.

Tall, personable, with a great sense of humour and a wise, shy smile which hid a great deal of tenderness and understanding, especially for the young colleagues in the field, Maricelle Meyer was one of the first ELT professionals who conducted teacher training seminars in Athens. She came to Greece in 1960 as the Hellenic-American Union’s first Academic Director, and within a short period of time, she organized and co-ordinated teacher training seminars for the Ministry of Education SELETE School and for the State School teachers of English.

A founding member and a strong supporter of TESOL Greece, Maricelle offered her expertise and skill and worked hard whenever the association needed her. In the early years of TESOL, when photo-offset was the only way the association could print a decent convention programme, Maricelle had volunteered herself to be the official typist, making sure that the program would be ready on opening night. As a Board member and during a difficult two-year period, Maricelle practically moved to the TESOL office to support the Executive Secretary and to make sure that everything would run smoothly. Maricelle was always present, always there. She was present at the 10th Annual convention to blow out the birthday cake candles and to celebrate the ten years of TESOL Greece. And she was ‘present’ again a year later, when the TESOL Greece Board was informed that Maricelle had bequeathed $3,000 in her will to the association. In 1992, the TESOL Greece Board, chaired by Vicky Megas, voted to establish the Maricelle Meyer Scholarship Fund, and since then, Maricelle has been present at each convention.

The Maricelle Meyer Scholarship is not just a welcome financial support. It is an honour in memory of a great lady, a teacher, and a true friend to all those who knew her.




Eleftherios Kormpas Annual Membership Grants


This year 15 Eleftherios Kormpas Membership Grants are going to be given to 15 attendees of the 38th TESOL Greece International Annual Convention “Keeping it Practical”.

The Eleftherios Kormpas Membership Grant is to attend the TESOL Greece International Convention and become a full member of the association for one calendar year.

Any TESOL Greece Member, lapsed, non-member or potential member may apply for the Eleftherios Kormpas Membership Grant.

The Membership Grant is twofold:

  1. Supports (valid, at the time of application) ΟΑΕΔ card holders.  Up to ten applicants will be accepted per year at the time of the convention (30€ fees).
  2. Supports regular members. Up to five applicants will be accepted per year at the time of the convention (50€ fees).

Steps for the Membership Grant:

  1. Interested individuals (members and non-members) email TG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to express their interest by March 10th.
  2. ΟΑΕΔ holders, along with their email of interest, need to attach a scanned copy of their valid ΟΑΕΔ Card.  If the ΟΑΕΔ Card is invalid or not attached, the application is invalid.
  3. Regular members: they send their email of interest.
  4. TG Executive Secretary keeps track of the interested applicants by date and time the e-mail has been sent. All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified about their status prior to the convention. 
  5. The first 10 (valid) ΟΑΕΔ card holders are awarded the Eleftherios Kormpas Membership Grant.
  6. The first 5 regular members are awarded the Eleftherios Kormpas Membership Grant.

* Stipulations of the Grant *

  1. This is not a cash Membership Grant, and cannot be refunded, the recipients need to come to the TG convention to claim their Membership Grant.  They need to have with them the email from the Executive secretary and a form of ID.  If the recipient of the Grant fails to attend the convention, they will not be given the Grant.  The applicant may apply for the Grant the next year.

A person who has been awarded the Grant cannot apply another for the next 3 years.  





Due to certain changes in the Greek law re. professional associations, the following information will be needed for your registration during the convention:

1.      Your Α.Φ.Μ. & ΔΟΥ

2.      Your Greek ID number,

or Passport number (for foreign citizens)

This information will be needed for the member's card you fill out and for the receipt you will receive for the fees you pay.

The TESOL Greece Board and

the Organizing Committee thank you.

Membership Fees.

Membership fee:                                          €50

ΟΑΕΔ card holders membership fee:        €30

University Students membership fee:       €25


TESOL Greece General Assembly

The TESOL Greece Annual General Assembly will initially take place on Sunday, March 12th, 2017 (the week before the Convention) at 12:25 pm in the Olympia Room
at the Royal Olympic Hotel, 28-34 Ath. Diakou Street, 117 43 Athens, Greece.

If this meeting is not quorate, the General Assembly will take place at 12:25 pm on Sunday, March 19th, 2017 (same venue and place during the Convention).

AGENDA: • Chairperson’s Report, General Secretary’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, Oversight Committee Report Newsletter Editor’s Report • Any Other Business • Nominations and Elections of:

  • Three (3) Board of Directors members (3-year tenure)
  • Four (4) Alternate members (1-year tenure)
  • One (1) Alternate Oversight Committee Member (2-year tenure)

All current members are eligible to vote and to run for election to the Board. A Greek ID or passport and a valid TG ID are required in order to vote. Only members who are present may be elected.
Members may nominate themselves or colleagues who are members. If you wish to nominate yourself, or someone else, please write, on a piece of paper and submit it to the Registration Desk prior to the Meeting:

“I would like to nominate ____________________________ for the TESOL Greece Board of Directors”